TG100 Slow Juicer

The green juicer perfected!

Juicing made simple

Anybody can make healthy and delicious juices easily with the Yden Juicer.

We took away the unnecessary and made slow juicing easier and more convenient. Yden juicer is highly efficient with the twin gear system producing the best quality juice. The simple and modern design fits in every kitchen and lifestyle. Yden is designed for you, discover what we have to offer!

The Twin Gear Slow Juicing System

The Twin Gear System is the heart of our new slow juicing technology.

Two gears crush and squeeze ingredients between the millimeter space, driven by a powerful motor of 2 HP. This enables you to juice even the most fibrous vegetables and fruits. The improved juice extraction yields up to 20% or more juice compared to other types of juicers.

The low rotation speed of the stainless steel gears ensure that the juice will not become heated, optimally preserving natural enzymes and nutrients of the ingredients (friction heat causes oxidation and severe deterioration of enzymes and vitamins). After the squeezing process, the juice is separated from the pulp, filtered through the strainer and collected in a juice container.

See the Twin Gear Slow Juicing System in action!



Leafy Greens



The Yden juicer extracts high quality and clear juice from any kind of ingredient. The juice is smooth and clear thanks to the gentle squeezing process and pulp control. Thanks to the Twin Gear Slow Juicing system you can enjoy the maximum possible juice yield from these ingredients without losing those precious nutrients that are healthy for your body.

Be in control

Do you like thick and fiber rich juice or smooth and clear juice? With the Yden Juicer you can choose.

Adjust the nozzle to control the amount of pulp and pressure so you can control the fibre content and clarity of the juice.

The fine strainer is used for juicing fibrous vegetables and leafy greens for clear and smooth juice. Create perfectly clear juices, rich in taste and nutrients.

The coarse strainer is excellent for juicing soft fruits (strawberries, bananas) and to make juices with high fiber content.

Design & Reliability

a brand you can trust

Easy cleaning

At Yden we believe that less is more. We focus on the core functionality of our products. All the parts are easy to assemble and clean for you rmaximum enjoyment. Create the perfect healthy juice for your health and save time after with a quick clean.

Live green

We try to make our products as environmental friendly as possible. Durable and eco-friendly materials are used to make the Yden Juicer. The Twin Gears are made of Stainless Steel and various parts are made of impact resistant Tritan material. All parts are BPA Free.

Quality & Trust

The Yden Juicer has been developed with the highest quality standards in mind. Enjoy the Yden Juicer for years to come. Covered by a 10 year warranty on the motor base and 2 years on the parts of our Yden Juicers. We will make sure you can juice with confidence!

Show specifications
Juicer type Yden Juicer TG100 SBE
Finish Dark silver
Speed Low Rotation Speed of 160 RPM
Voltage 220V
Weight 5.9kg
Size 30.48×16.51x44cm
Box contents Twin Gear Slow Juicer
Twin Gears
Fine Strainer
Coarse Strainer
Pulp Container & Juice Container
Plastic Pusher, Wooden Pusher
Cleaning Brush
Container Sieve
Locking Latch
Usage Household use
Warranty 10 years on the motor, 2 years on the parts

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