Operating the Yden Twin Gear Slow Juicer

When the appliance does not operate properly.

Check if the power plug is properly inserted.

Check if the reset switch at the bottom of the product is activated.

When the juicer stops during operation.

Check if all the parts are assembled normally. Check if it stopped because food ingredients had been inserted excessively, if so: press REV button.

When the juicer is making unusual noises.

Check if the two gears are correctly aligned.

Check if there is any foreign substance inside the juicer.

Check if the juicer is damaged.

When the drum will not lock in place.

Check if the juicer has been correctly assembled, refer to the manual for correct assembly.

When the juice pulp is not coming out and ingredients move backwards.

Turn pulp adjusting cap counterclockwise.

When residues are watery.

Turn the pulp adjusting cap clockwise.

When food ingredients are blocking the feeding entrance.

Press the REV button to rotate the gears in reverse.

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