Yden Juicer

The next chapter in Slow Juicing

The Yden Twin Gear Slow Juicer is designed and developed with the highest quality in mind. This means a juicer that is better at juicing the green & healthy stuff – just what your body needs! The powerful twin gears can crush, grind and extract the essences of hard and fibrous vegetables.


Juicing should be tasty & healthy at the same time. 

With Green Juices you can enjoy the benefits of healthy juicing while enjoying the purest taste.


Always something new for you to try out!

  • 1 handful of basil leaves 1 cucumber ½ lime 1 apple, cut into wedges Taste: mild sour and with herb taste Feeling dull and out of energy? Then this juice is perfect.

  • A juice packed with antioxidants and fiber! Extra freshness with the mint and lemon. 1-2 granny smith apple 1 romaine lettuce 1 handful of mint 1 lemon

  • Feeling tired and washed-out? Powerful Violet to the rescue! Sip it away and feel your energy level rise while your immune system is being protected. 1-2 granny smit

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